Sunday, January 10, 2010

Greatest Yarn, #5: Rowan Kidsilk Haze

In the pantheon of great yarns, Kidsilk Haze is right up there.

I have always had a not-so-secret fondness for Rowan. In fact, I have told my family that when I die, I would appreciate a couple of ounces of my ashes being scattered over the Rowan Headquarters.

As far as innovation and pattern support goes, Rowan is is an industry leader. This is my rule for looking at Rowan pattern magazines: the first time you look, be aware that all you may see is the styling. If you are..."of a certain age" you may think that the sweaters are too crazy for you. I usually think, "crap, there is not a single sweater that I could wear." Look a couple of hours later, and you will start actually seeing the gorgeous details of the knitted pieces themselves, and then you will start trying to decide which sweater you wish to knit first. You have to spend a bit of time with the magazine to see past the editorial excesses.

Admittedly, Rowan is so darn expensive. Why?

The colors, and even the color names, are a delight.
Above, a skein of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Drab and Candy Girl.

More KSH eye candy:



The luster of the silk, and the haze of the kid mohair, is incredible. Kidsilk Haze is a very versatile lace weight yarn.

I would recommend a size US3 needle for working singly. For lace work, try a US7. It can be doubled at DK gauge on a size US6 needle.
The pattern support for Kidsilk Haze cannot be beat:

This one is definitely in my queue..

This one used to be, hence the stash of single skeins of many colors.

Kidsilk Haze in color Marmalade

Here is a lovely scarf, called "Trinket" by Kim Hargraeves from her book, Amber. It uses 3 balls of Kidsilk Haze. I made it in Cascade Yarns, Kid Seta, which is virutally the same yarn. I may make it again in KSH, Hurricane:


  1. I have wanted to make the Earth Stripe Wrap since I got the Autumn/Winter 2007/08 Rowan but worry the yarn will give me a headache as does alpaca. I've thought of wearing a mask when I work with these fibers because I hate that I can't use these beautiful yarns.
    That scarf looks like a part of nature and grows in some beautiful garden.

  2. I love the pictures of the yarn. I really need to improve my photos.

  3. Ah, Kidsilk the green of the scarf.
    Barbara S.