Friday, October 30, 2009

Bobby's Garden

What an amazing pattern. Bobby's Garden pattern: from Dulle Griet. I have not been able to stop knitting it. You know a pattern is a good one when you start knitting before your second cup of coffee in the morning. It is fun to knit, and one of those patterns that you just want to add one more segment to see how the colors change.

I am knitting it out of Silk Garden. One it's own, the colors are beautiful and fun. I have had at least 20 skeins stashed away for years. I like to use Noro in patterns that really show Noro to it's best advantage. Bobby's Garden is one of those patterns.
One thing that I have learned over the years, however. Whenever someone knits something to use up stash, they end up buying more. I have only purchased three extra skeins so far.

And I love the result.