Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Greatest Yarns of All Time, #3

Tajmahal, by Le Fibre Nobili, Lana Cervinia

70% Superfine Merino, 22% Silk, 8% Cashmere. 100% pure silky, knitting pleasure!
Sadly, I have heard that it was discontinued a couple of years ago.I worked the swatch on a size 4 needle, and while I am a "tight" knitter, still got 6.5 stitches to the inch in stockinette. I love working with sport to fingering weight yarn, on smallish needles. The work, while slow to progress, really flows. And one's hands don't ache at the end of the evening, the way they can with those big size 11's! I grew to love working with thin yarns in 1992, after knitting a tank top in crochet cotton on size 00 needles.
Could I have purchased one cheaper and WAY faster? Yes. But if you are a knitter, you understand.

I had to dig deep in my stash for this lovely yarn. For like many knitters, I tend to hoard my favorite yarns.
Why do we do this? My friends, Kay, Gail, and I will fall on a thrifted dollar skein with maniacal zeal, but hang on to our best yarns for years, looking for a pattern that is "worthy".  Most of my favorite yarns are languishing in my closet.

My knitting New Year's resolution is to start knitting with them. I do tend to swatch them immediately.
Here is a swatch of Tajmahal that I found in the bag of yarn:

It is a leaf lace from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns, a book that every knitter needs in his/her library. The yarn shows stitches beautifully, even in black. The silk gives it a tiny bit of sheen. Altogether gorgeous.